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Shii and Neena's Writing Space

A dream can only come true if you believe in it.

Rainbow Field: A Space for Dreams
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Shii and Neena's Writing Space

Yume no Kuukan Fanfiction Community
This community is a home of Shichi Rei and Neena Shareefa's Arashi fanfictions. We are currently on an indefinite hiatus, but still please feel free to join and browse through our previous works. Thank you.

WARNING: All works are UN-BETA'ed unless stated otherwise, so there might be some mistakes. Please bear with us kindly. :)

DISCLAIMER: The stories in this community are all work of FICTION. It generally came from our imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or plots is entirely coincidental. We do NOT own Arashi. They are all idols and part of the agency Johnny's Entertainment owned by Johnny Kitagawa.

But someday; someday Ohmiya will claim that they are totally married. ♥
Shii Writes:

Particularly Ohmiya ♥ and sometimes Sakuraiba. Aimiya and Sakumoto for specific people. ♥
Neena Writes:

Mostly Ohmiya ❤ and sometimes Sakuraiba, Sakumiya and Junba as a side pairing.
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